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What is the meaning of destroyed in Hindi?

Meaning of destroyed in Hindi is : विनष्ट

Definition of word destroyed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of destroy. (verb)

Examples of word destroyed

  • ARTICLE I. _That all plantations shall be totally destroyed, their cane and outbuildings burned, and railroad connections destroyed_.
  • Now, however slight might be the value of the work in question destroyed, it is surely of startling interest to know that _work may be destroyed_, or worse still, defaced and tampered with, at the present moment in full London, with the joyous approval of the major part of the popular press.
  • a case it was not improbable that the army might be destroyed as an organization, and there is a vast difference between a _destroyed_ army and a _defeated_ army.
  • The label destroyed John Kerry, and Romney's propensity to change his mind makes Kerry's switches look tame to the point of irrelevance.
  • It has also turned down agency requests to visit three other sites that the IAEA suspects are linked to what it describes as the destroyed reactor.


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