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What is the meaning of detail in Hindi?

Meaning of detail in Hindi is : फ़ौज की टुकड़ी

Definition of word detail

  • Something small enough to escape casual notice. (noun)
  • A profusion of details. (noun)
  • Something considered trivial enough to ignore. (noun)
  • A person's name, address and other personal information. (noun)
  • A temporary unit or assignment. (noun)
  • to explain in detail (verb)
  • (US (?)) to clean carefully (particularly a car) (verb)
  • (military) to assign to a particular task (verb)

Examples of word detail

  • Exactly how to best do that in detail is what they want more information about, but just knowing that much was quite helpful in terms of focusing their efforts.
  • The field of evolutionary developmental biology, which studies the genetics of morphology in detail is now a rapidly expanding one, with many of the developmental genetic cascades, particularly in the fruitfly (Drosophila), now catalogued in considerable detail.
  • But I think the overwhelming demand for evidence in detail is really creating a burden for forces.
  • As I think Marion Zimmer Bradley once said (and she should have known, having written pornography under pseudonyms), “Describing sex in detail is like describing plumbing.”
  • Twitter has a lot of virtues, but discussing policy issues in detail is not one of them.


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