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What is the meaning of detected in Hindi?

Meaning of detected in Hindi is : पता लगाया गया

Definition of word detected

  • Referring to something that has been noticed. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of detect. (verb)

Examples of word detected

  • The methane we detected is of unknown age -- its origin could be ancient or perhaps recent, Michael Mumma of NASA and colleagues wrote.
  • No signal has been detected from the balloon's Emergency Location Transmitter, which should activate on contact with water.
  • The surgeon thrust in his hand and fumbled about for some time, while I wondered whether the feel of that one brown thread could be detected from the rest of the ravel.
  • On Hardball and its like, egos run rampant, insider jargon predominates, and agreeability, if any can be detected, is strictly limited to commercial breaks.
  • In a huge water tank, light flashes were detected from the rare neutrino interactions in the water, using the sensitive detectors developed by Koshiba.


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