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What is the meaning of determinant in Hindi?

Meaning of determinant in Hindi is : सारणिक

Definition of word determinant

  • A determining factor; an element that determines the nature of something (noun)

Examples of word determinant

  • On a larger scale, this determinant is about the strength of the economy and its ability to provide good jobs, a decent standard of living and universal social and health benefits.
  • The conclusion is that the huge degree of inequality when it comes to income distribution is the main determinant of the poverty in the country.
  • At a given level of GDP, the main determinant of the trade deficit is the value of the dollar in international currency markets.
  • The main determinant of the long-term fiscal outlook is the unsustainability of Social Security and Medicare.
  • But maybe if teachers taught students that effort was the main determinant of their outcomes (assuming class isn't graded on a curve), it might be damaging to their self-esteem, because they could only blame themselves for their failures.
  • To what degree would it have to be a-- to what degree does this victory have to be a blowout for her to have an impact and be, if you will, at least in the short term determinant?
  • If so, should this be the main determinant on what route I take?
  • The opposite of that determinant is that isolation creates a health risk and isolation is very common among elderly women.
  • Economists are just beginning to understand that the product cycle has succeeded the business cycle as the main determinant of economic results.