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What is the meaning of determines in Hindi?

Meaning of determines in Hindi is :

Definition of word determines

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of determine. (verb)

Examples of word determines

  • He argued that too often the postcode a child is born in determines where he or she ends up.
  • Some fans say the magazine a series is published in determines the demographic genre of the series, so Yotsuba would be a seinen title.
  • Eumelanin determines the range from blonde to black.
  • The Firefox extension can auto-detect, and auto-convert, any text on a page it determines is an actual article of some depth, or work as a click-to-convert button.
  • Any bit of profits you earn above what the government determines is "acceptable" you have the honor of 'giving' to the gov't.
  • Irate by what he determines is a betrayal; Salinas hires the Assassin to kill Drea.
  • A toss of the coin determines who gets to make an opening statement:
  • Every toss of the coin determines which of two alleles at one locus makes it into the next generation.
  • Phomelanin determines how red your hair is: the more the redder.