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What is the meaning of determinist in Hindi?

Meaning of determinist in Hindi is : निश्‍चयवादी नियतत्ववादी

Definition of word determinist

  • An advocate of determinism (noun)
  • Characteristic of determinism (adjective)

Examples of word determinist

    • Since the quantum revolution there really aren't any Laplacian determinists around any more, but if "physical determinist" is meant in this way, then all of your statements about rats becoming determined to turn right or left are simply wrong, because everything about their behavior has always been determined.
    • As an example of misplaced scientific certainty Winston said the traditional "determinist" approach to genetics was proving to be too simplistic.
    • Lloyd is influenced by what he sees as the intersection between the materialist/biological determinist point of view and the religious/spiritual point of view, and the way in which those two competing yet interrelated perspectives manifest across our personal and collective narratives.
    • This approach is valid but remakes history into a determinist schema: what happened had to happen.
    • They turn history into a determinist chain of events; they look back to find a cause and leap to the conclusion, Aha!
    • He was later invited by a prof I had (who had been kicked out of Bethel years before Piper got my other prof friend kicked out of Bethel) to debate his determinist missiology but Piper declined at the last minute.
    • And often Zola had to intervene quite heavily in his own novels to pull his determinist theories off.
    • He was tacitly, if not even explicitly, a determinist.