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What is the meaning of deterministic in Hindi?

Meaning of deterministic in Hindi is : नियतिवाद संबंधी

Definition of word deterministic

  • of, or relating to determinism (adjective)
    का, या नियतत्ववाद से संबंधित

Examples of word deterministic

  • Algorithmic means we can describe it in deterministic detail: i.e. "given this condition, this outcome will happen".
  • But in reality, isn’t each trial totally deterministic from the moment the coin is tossed?
  • Reductionism was the outcome of combining the atomism that early modern physicists took over from Epicureanism with the notion of deterministic laws of physics.
  • The focus at that time was something called deterministic chaos, in which a small perturbation can lead to a huge change in the system - the famous "butterfly effect".
  • All the computer models that is to say the deterministic ones have predicted that temperature would keep on going up from 1998 to 2005.
  • Small populations go extinct because (1) all populations fluctuate in size from time to time, under the influence of two kinds of factors, which ecologists refer to as deterministic and stochastic; and (2) small populations, unlike big ones, stand a good chance of fluctuating to zero, since zero is not far away.
  • However, if the subject is part of nature there would seem to be no way of explaining how a nature which we can only know as deterministic can give rise to a subject which seems to transcend determinism in its knowing and in its ethical doings.