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What is the meaning of development in Hindi?

Meaning of development in Hindi is : सुलझाव

Definition of word development

  • The process of developing; growth, directed change (noun)
    विकास की प्रक्रिया; विकास, निर्देशित परिवर्तन

Examples of word development

  • Burbank worked out in his mind and by actual experiments _distinctive methods_ of development -- _development and changes along particular, definite lines.
  • It requires the development hence the term "development" of relationships with people who become excited about the work of the organization and the way they benefit from engagement.
  • One of my favorite "get to know you" questions I ask my characters when they're in development is "What is your greatest shame?"
  • That includes title development unique selling point, identifying your target market, researching your competition, creating an outline, and coming up with chapter summaries, interviewing you, transcribing the interviews, and putting the book together according to the title development plan.
  • From there, the main development is that he gets transferred away from his happy IRS job to an exceedingly wacky and violent superagency.
  • Given that she was a pains to emphasis that flood plain development is to continue, regardless of the untold misery it's exacting on our fellow countrymen and women, I can't think of a more callous comment or more apt death warrant for Ms Cooper's Ministerial career.
  • The professional missionary with a Bible School diploma and technical training in development is the epitome of a successful missions strategy.
  • The focus of current fluorescent protein development is centered on two basic goals.
  • The vast excess of neuronal cells present during the early stages of brain development is also eliminated by the same mechanism.