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What is the meaning of deviant in Hindi?

Meaning of deviant in Hindi is : विसामान्य

Definition of word deviant

  • Of or pertaining to a deviation; characterized by deviation from an expectation or a social standard. (adjective)
  • A person who deviates, especially from norms of social behavior. (noun)
  • A thing, phenomenon, or trend that deviates from an expectation or pattern. (noun)

Examples of word deviant

  • Late Friday, the military rulers issued a stern warning that they will crack down on what they called "deviant groups," which they blamed for a spike in crime and violence.
  • Last night the military rulers issued a stern warning that they would crack down on what they called "deviant groups", which they blamed for an increase in crime and violence.
  • Thus you have a feedback loop in which prejudice against those identifiable as deviant is validated by the very disgust that motivates it, and propagating that prejudice is validated by the pride that results.
  • Homosexuals and heterosexuals are both natural people, with no difference between them in humanity, make or nature … The real deviant is the one who is always trying to oust the other.
  • By accepting diversity we challenge these principles on which the deviant is excluded as abnormal, contaminating.


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