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What is the meaning of deviate in Hindi?

Meaning of deviate in Hindi is : विसामान्य होना

Definition of word deviate

  • A person with deviant behaviour; a deviant, degenerate or pervert. (noun)
  • A value equal to the difference between a measured variable factor and a fixed or algorithmic reference value. (noun)
  • To go off course from; to change course; to change plans. (verb)
  • To fall outside of, or part from, some norm; to stray. (verb)

Examples of word deviate

  • He is perfectly capable of doing that himself, but let's not deviate from the topic of this thread to attack him. jerezano
  • Forgive me, America, if I deviate from the narrative so often prescribed for occasions such as this.
  • Straight: Here we deviate from the standard number matching.
  • I provide my players with a primer at the beginning of every campaign that has any rule variants that I deviate from the game.
  • It seems bad, but I'm hoping that the strategy actually is to not deviate from the indefensible Bush position so as to allow that the courts the opportunity to eviscerate the states secrets travesty as they should.


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