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What is the meaning of devil in Hindi?

Meaning of devil in Hindi is : शैतानअ

Definition of word devil

  • A creature of hell. (noun)
  • (the devil or the Devil) The chief devil; Satan. (noun)
  • The bad part of the conscience; the opposite to the angel. (noun)
  • A wicked or naughty person, or one who harbors reckless, spirited energy, especially in a mischievous way; usually said of a young child. (noun)
  • A thing that is awkward or difficult to understand or do. (noun)
  • Hell. (noun)
  • A person, especially a man; used to express a particular opinion of him, usually in the phrases poor devil and lucky devil. (noun)
  • A dust devil. (noun)
  • An evil or erroneous entity. (noun)
  • To make like a devil; to invest with the character of a devil. (verb)
  • To annoy or bother; to bedevil. (verb)
  • To work as a ‘devil’; to work for a lawyer or writer without fee or recognition. (verb)
  • To grill with cayenne pepper; to season highly in cooking, as with pepper. (verb)
  • To finely grind cooked ham or other meat with spices and condiments. (verb)
  • To prepare a sidedish of shelled halved boiled eggs to whose extracted yolks are added condiments and spices, which mixture then is placed into the halved whites to be served. (verb)

Examples of word devil

  • I dont mind your damning and blasting, and what the devil and where the devil and who the devil—
  • Dere will be de devil of a row about dis ammunition -- oh! de _devil_ of a row!
  • _A Turkish proverb says, "The devil tempts the busy man, but the idle man tempts the devil_."
  • It is hypocrisy against the devil] _Hypocrisy against the devil_, means hypocrisy to cheat the devil.
  • I. ii.160 (12,6) eternal devil] I should think that our author wrote rather, _infernal devil_.


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