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What is the meaning of devise in Hindi?

Meaning of devise in Hindi is : सोच निकालना

Definition of word devise

  • To use one's intellect to plan or design (something). (verb)
  • To leave (property) in a will. (verb)
  • the act of leaving real property in a will (noun)
  • such a will, or a clause in such a will (noun)
  • the real property left in such a will (noun)

Examples of word devise

  • This devise is a little far fetched but allows the narrator to continue his long life of crime and McCabe to produce an unforgettable black work.
  • A gradation: "devise" is the conception of the evil purpose; "work" (Ps 58: 2), or "fabricate," the maturing of the scheme;
  • Some valid discoveries have been made, so it is probably better grounded than String Theory, which is still stuck in "devise some explanation to explain the data" mode.
  • I've often wondered to what and how often this government approved devise is compared.
  • Where, midst the flowers, the finch's lay Shall welcome you with music gay; While you shall bid our antique tongue Some word devise, or air supply, Like those that charm'd your youth so long, And lent a spell to memory.


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