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What is the meaning of diagnostic in Hindi?

Meaning of diagnostic in Hindi is : नैदानिक

Definition of word diagnostic

  • of, or relating to diagnosis (adjective)
  • a technique etc. used in medical diagnosis (noun)

Examples of word diagnostic

    • "We are still very much in what I call the diagnostic phase," he said, while declining to set a timetable or deadline for the inquiry.
    • "We are still very much in what I call the diagnostic phase," Perez told the
    • Despite being currently unused in diagnostic manuals, psychopathy and related terms such as psychopath are still widely used by mental health professionals and laymen alike.
    • Initially I started to work on virus-induced chromosomal modifications and at the same time received relatively solid training in diagnostic bacteriology and virology, both of them at that time in an early stage of development.
    • The researchers offer examples of Anakin diagnostic criteria for adapting the behavior of (a star).
    • As part of the Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic and the Craniofacial Clinic, the geneticists and genetic counselors perform diagnostic evaluations and offer patients the latest in diagnostic testing in these areas.
    • This care includes initial evaluation, formulation of differential diagnosis and evaluation, participation in diagnostic procedures, interpretation of laboratory, radiologic, pathologic and other testing, treatment and discharge planning.
    • GE Healthcare hopes to build a $1 billion business in diagnostic solutions for cancer and other diseases.
    • The fellow will ultimately develop skills to become independently proficient in diagnostic procedures such as upper and lower endoscopy, rectal suction biopsy, liver biopsy and manometry.