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What is the meaning of dialectic in Hindi?

Meaning of dialectic in Hindi is : न्याय

Definition of word dialectic

  • Any formal system of reasoning that arrives at a truth by the exchange of logical arguments. (noun)
  • A contradiction of ideas that serves as the determining factor in their interaction. (noun)
  • dialectical (adjective)

Examples of word dialectic

  • The ancient Greeks used the term dialectic to refer to various methods of reasoning and discussion in order to discover the truth.
  • The caricature of the dialectic is a boiling-down of every historical or philosophical pattern to two concepts in conflict with each other — depending on the caricature, either one concept inevitably prevails, or the two are mashed up into a crude "synthesis."
  • The Marxist-Leninists call it dialectic materialism. say one thig to mask the fact that you mean the opposite.
  • Then this is the progress which you call dialectic?
  • e. with reality, it was natural that the term dialectic should be again extended from function to object, from thought to thing; and so, even as early as Plato, it had come to signify the whole science of reality, both as to method and as to content, thus nearly approaching what has been from a somewhat later period universally known as metaphysics.


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