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What is the meaning of dianoetic in Hindi?

Meaning of dianoetic in Hindi is :

Definition of word dianoetic

  • Pertaining to reason or thinking; intellectual. (adjective)

Examples of word dianoetic

  • But the aim is after all the life of the intellect, and the "dianoetic" virtues are superior to the practical.
  • Descending the line furnishes justification for the claims of the dianoetic sciences and beliefs about the material world, including the states of affairs in actual cities.
  • Judgment or arrangement was likewise dichotomized into axiomatic judgment (enunciations) and dianoetic judgment (reasoning processes).
  • Consequently, for Aristotle the highest happiness is to be found not in the ethical virtues of the active life, but in the contemplative or philosophic life of speculation, in which the dianoetic virtues of understanding, science, and wisdom are exercised.
  • Virtues are divided into ethical and intellectual (dianoetic); and so are the contrary vices.


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