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What is the meaning of diction in Hindi?

Meaning of diction in Hindi is : शैली

Definition of word diction

  • The effectiveness and degree of clarity of word choice, and presentation of said words. (noun)

Examples of word diction

  • Shit, now my diction is all off b/c I in no way intend to equate you or anyone with blogtards.
  • Is this about intellect or insane skills in diction?
  • I think it's the sort of piece where if the diction is really energetically articulated, it carries a lot of the musical line with it, and the mezzo's diction was particularly clear.
  • Maybe he's too cute, maybe his diction is too good, maybe he doesn't have enough tough-sounding consonants in his name.
  • Poetic language and elevated diction is an obstacle to understanding for "ordinary" people, Wordsworth seems to be saying.


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