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What is the meaning of die in Hindi?

Meaning of die in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word die

  • A polyhedron, usually a cube, with numbers or symbols on each side and used in games of chance. (noun)
  • The cubical part of a pedestal, a plinth. (noun)
  • A device for cutting into a specified shape. (noun)
  • A device used to cut an external screw thread. (Internal screw threads are cut with a tap.) (noun)
  • A mold for forming metal or plastic objects. (noun)
  • An embossed device used in stamping coins and medals. (noun)
  • A fragment of a completed integrated circuit wafer, among those produced by fracturing the wafer as specified in its design, that includes a portion that (unless defective) can provide the electronic function for which it was designed, but whose further mechanical subdivision would irreversibly impair that function. (noun)
  • To stop living; to become dead; to undergo death. (verb)
  • To stop living and undergo (a specified death). (verb)
  • To yearn intensely. (verb)
  • To be utterly cut off by family or friends, as if dead. (verb)
  • To become spiritually dead; to lose hope. (verb)
  • To be mortified or shocked by a situation. (verb)
  • to stop working, to break down. (verb)
  • To abort, to terminate (as an error condition). (verb)

Examples of word die

  • Above the tide of melody, the voice of the evangelist rose in a scream, appalling in its agony -- "Oh, men and women, why _will_ you die, _why_ will you _die_?"
  • But now you won't hate 'er no mo', boy; an 'ef you die fus' -- some time, you know, baby, little boys _does die_ -- an 'ef you go fus', I'll teck good keer o 'yo' sheer in 'er; an' ef I go, you mus 'look out fur my sheer.
  • It is a dream she has lived on so long that it has become part of herself, and it is my impression that if anything happened to break her belief in it she would die, -- yes, _die!
  • The arrogant pretension that men must die _secundum artem_ has been adjourned -- _sine die_.
  • Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it remains a single unproductive corn of wheat; but if it _die_, it germinates and brings forth much fruit.