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What is the meaning of digitalis in Hindi?

Meaning of digitalis in Hindi is : डिजिटेलिस

Definition of word digitalis

  • A genus of herbaceous plants of the Scrophulariaceae family, including the foxglove, Digitalis purpurea. (noun)
  • A medical extract of Digitalis purpurea prescribed for heart failure etc. (noun)

Examples of word digitalis

    • Substances known to inhibit sodium/potassium transport are certain digitalis alkaloids, e.g. oubain, and Skou showed that oubain interferes in the enzyme's activation by sodium.
    • The word digitalis refers likewise to the digits, or fingers of a gauntlet.
    • An all natural extract of the foxglove plant similar to an all natural extract of the stevia plant is digitalis, which is lethal if consumed in all but the most minute amounts.
    • Then we come to the other, the digitalis, which is equally as beautiful.
    • At the time the court concluded that the nurse had poisoned the babies with a drug used to treat heart conditions, digoxin, also known as digitalis, an extract from the foxglove plant.


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