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What is the meaning of dim in Hindi?

Meaning of dim in Hindi is : हल्का सा

Definition of word dim

  • Not bright or colorful. (adjective)
  • Not smart or intelligent. (adjective)
  • Indistinct, hazy or unclear. (adjective)
  • Disapproving, unfavorable: rarely used outside the phrase take a dim view of. (adjective)
  • To make something less bright. (verb)
  • To become darker. (verb)

Examples of word dim

  • I finally got over to the archives at the Lowell Cultural Center and spent a few hours sitting in dim light trying to read 100 year old scribbles.
  • Those numbers are light blue colored, they are nearly invisible to me in dim light.
  • Night vision declines as well; therefore, trying to read labels in dim lighting may lead to errors.
  • Frankly, even with glasses that correct my once-perfect vision back to theoretically perfect vision, I have trouble reading fine print in dim light.
  • Here in dim and desperate forms, under the ban of our base culture, stormed at by silly magistrates, sneered at by silly schoolmasters -- here is the old popular literature still popular; here is the unmistakable voluminousness, the thousand-and-one tales of Dick Deadshot, like the thousand-and-one tales of Robin Hood.


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