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What is the meaning of dime in Hindi?

Meaning of dime in Hindi is : अमेरिका का १०सेन्ट् का निकल धातु का सिक्का

Definition of word dime

  • An Omotic language, spoken by fewer than 10,000 speakers in Ethiopia. (proper noun)
    इथियोपिया में 10,000 से कम वक्ताओं द्वारा बोली जाने वाली एक ओमोटिक भाषा।

Examples of word dime

  • The slicing and rebuilding of the bands on the reverse (back) of a Mercury Dime is clearly coin doctoring.
  • Also, Design on a Dime is good because it seesm to present some more realistic ways to design your home that are pratical and not as costly.
  • First, Obama rested the credibility of his presidency on what you might call the Dime
  • Obama rested the credibility of his presidency on what you might call the Dime Standard.
  • All that remains of the Church of the Dime is a few fragments of mosaic in the Museum at Kiev.
  • These crunchy butter almond treats used to be called Dime bars in the UK and Ireland, but now they're known as Daims thanks to the whims of some cucumber straighteners with too much time on their hands.
  • Ubuntu on a Dime is a tribute both to the skills of the author and to the decades of effort by those that have developed user friendly software and hardware, so that this 280-page book gives anyone with a reasonable level of self-confidence the recipe to build their own computer, install all the software needed for common activities, and quickly become productive.
  • Erik Fosse, a Norwegian doctor who worked in Gaza's hospitals during the conflict, said that Israel was using so-called Dime
  • We suspect that Israel is using a new type of high explosive called Dime [dense inert metal explosive].