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What is the meaning of dimension in Hindi?

Meaning of dimension in Hindi is : विस्तार

Definition of word dimension

  • A single aspect of a given thing. (noun)
    किसी चीज का एक पहलू।
  • To mark, cut or shape something to specified dimensions. (verb)
    निर्दिष्ट आयामों में किसी चीज को चिह्नित करना, काटना या आकार देना।

Examples of word dimension

    • But because human minds and societies can improve things over time, and compound that improvement in virtuous circles, the future in this dimension is a gain.
    • The use of telegraph wires and train tracks, cattle cars etc to suggest shifts in distance and dimension is particularly skillful.
    • Nevertheless, the marketing imperative “means that the progressive and ethical dimension is all too often undermined by the perceived need to sanitize content”, as John Gray (2002) points out.
    • The third basically unknown dimension is how hard Secretary of State Colin Powell and his deputy Richard Armitage labored to ameliorate the GITMO situation from almost dayone.
    • It would just mean that one dimension is redundant.
    • The primary dimension is the basic issue of the role of the government in the economy, in modern terms liberal-moderate-conservative.
    • In any cases I honesty thing the aesthetic dimension is a great motivator.
    • "The ecclesial, communional, hierarchical and doctrinal dimension is absolutely indispensable for any authentic mission, and this alone guarantees its spiritual effectiveness", he said.
    • They are microscopic in dimension - about the width of a human hair - and can be made in a range of sizes to view different-sized objects.