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What is the meaning of diminish in Hindi?

Meaning of diminish in Hindi is : ह्रसन

Definition of word diminish

  • To make smaller. (verb)
  • To become smaller. (verb)
  • To taper. (verb)
  • To disappear gradually. (verb)
  • To reduce a perfect or minor interval by a semitone. (verb)

Examples of word diminish

  • The Dative of Reference denotes the person _to whom a statement refers, of whom it is true_, or _to whom it is of interest; _ as, -- mihi ante oculōs versāris, _you hover before my eyes_ (lit. _hover before the eyes to me_); illÄ« sevÄ“ritās amōrem nōn dÄ“minuit, _in his case severity did not diminish love_ (lit. _to him severity did not diminish_); interclÅ«dere inimÄ«cÄ«s commeātum, _to cut of the supplies of the enemy.
  • "Uncharted 2" or "BioShock 2," I'm not going to let that number in the title diminish my enjoyment.
  • It is a known fact that the quantities of chemicals secreted by the brain diminish astronomically from the early 20's to late 70's.
  • Woodward first appears to again diminish his earlier statement by saying that Bandar had publicly stated that the Saudis would like to see oil prices below the $30 range (i.e., he's suggesting that what Bandar may or may not have told the president in private was the same thing Bandar subsequently said publicly).
  • However, the intended Japanese audience would have known this already and it did not diminish from the devastating sadness of the ending.


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