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What is the meaning of dinar in Hindi?

Meaning of dinar in Hindi is : डीनार

Definition of word dinar

  • Name of official currency of several countries, including Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Serbia and Tunisia. (noun)
  • A coin or note worth one dinar. (noun)

Examples of word dinar

    • Lane (iii. 235), noting that the dinar is worth 170
    • Paper bullets, he calls the dinar bills, funding cleanup projects and spending in the local stores.
    • Still, no one's calling the dinar a risk-free investment.
    • I have sought all day for Ahmad al-Danaf’s barrack, but none would direct me thereto; so this dinar is thine an thou wilt guide me thither.
    • Simply stated, if one believes the current chaos engulfing Iraq will eventually be replaced by a stable, effective government, then the dinar ought to be a good buy.


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