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What is the meaning of dinna in Hindi?

Meaning of dinna in Hindi is :

Definition of word dinna

  • do not (phrase)

Examples of word dinna

  • Watch Stephie run away to some warm locale where midterms dinna exist.
  • " The Kahnyen-kehaka dinna give a name to a child when it's born.
  • "You'll watch for every bit stane that comes doon, an 'dinna' let any past.
  • Though I dinna suspect dying from exposure would be a much better choice, now would it?
  • I dinna care about Moreland or the lord he serves.
  • You dinna have the sound of someone from the highlands.
  • I dinna fancy the idea of dancing at the end of a rope to pay for yer crimes.
  • Watching the woman I love fight for her life these last days was something I dinna want to do again.
  • You dinna have any need to question his feelings for you.
  • No, my dear sister, I dinna enjoy those things in the least.