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What is the meaning of diplomacy in Hindi?

Meaning of diplomacy in Hindi is : व्यवहार कौशल

Definition of word diplomacy

  • The art and practice of conducting international relations by negotiating alliances, treaties, agreements etc., bilaterally or multilaterally, between states and sometimes international organisms, or even between policies with varying status, such as those of monarchs and their princely vassals (noun)
  • Tact and subtle skill in dealing with people so as to avoid or settle hostility. (noun)

Examples of word diplomacy

    • The term diplomacy applies to all of the following except:
    • As you know, the great art in diplomacy is to find a compromise or, as they now speak of it, to find a formula.
    • It basically said the United States is engaged in what I call diplomacy by press release.
    • "That is what I call diplomacy, Sir Edward," he remarked.
    • And not a little the dear old gentleman prided himself on his talents for what he called diplomacy -- arranging his plans, he said, 'just like a book-romance.'


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