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What is the meaning of directed in Hindi?

Meaning of directed in Hindi is : निदिष्ट

Definition of word directed

  • In a manner emphasizing one's point of view. (adjective)
  • Having the properties of a directed graph. (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of direct. (verb)

Examples of word directed

  • For some of the samples, bioengineers used what they call directed evolution: They mutated the genes and then used high-throughput screening to test the resulting enzymes for improvement in properties like heat resistance and ability to degrade cellulose.
  • The right seems to use what I call a directed or steered freedom, a freedom towards something that you're "allowed" or expected to want - for instance, freedom to worship, freedom to choose from among available products, etc.
  • The Hebrew here for "directed" is the same as in Isa 40: 12 for "meted out"; thus the sense is, "Jehovah measures out heaven with His span"; but who can measure Him? that is,
  • He couldn’t remember when last a word directed at God had passed his lips.
  • That waste of skin directed me towards somewhere totally different.


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