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What is the meaning of direction in Hindi?

Meaning of direction in Hindi is : सूचना

Definition of word direction

  • The action of directing; pointing (something) towards. (noun)
    निर्देशन की क्रिया; (कुछ) की ओर इशारा करना।

Examples of word direction

  • Whether A move towards B, or B move in the opposite direction towards A, a current, and in both cases having the same _direction_, will result.
  • If you look at double magnitude, float direction): float direction, bool isNull) {_direction = direction;
  • The new Motor Act does not encourage practice in driving a car backwards but skill in this direction is always desirable.
  • And yes, going too far the other direction is a problem, too.
  • Coppola makes the story better and his direction is almost flawless.
  • Now, the direction is average, as well as the cinematography, sound, and the other technical aspects of the movie.
  • Driving time either direction is about two and a half hours.
  • Any step in this direction is a step towards eliminating abortions through obsolescence -- even if we can't practically manage it in 100% of cases, we should be able to get aribrarily close to that goal.
  • We still have some important problems to clarify but the direction is there and we'd like to move and move as soon as possible.