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What is the meaning of directory in Hindi?

Meaning of directory in Hindi is : स‌ंचालक वर्ग

Definition of word directory

  • A list of names, addresses etc., of specific classes of people or organizations, often in alphabetical order or in some classification. (noun)
  • A structured listing of the names and characteristics of the files on a storage device. (noun)
  • A virtual container in a computer's file system, in which files and other directories may be stored. The files and subdirectories in a directory are usually related. (noun)

Examples of word directory

  • The following functions show both the files & the folders located in a specific directory: scandir () array scandir (string $directory [, int $sorting_order [, resource $context]])
  • /bin/bash echo - e "What directory would you like to back up?" read directory DESTDIR = user@host.rsync.net: $directory/rsync -- progress - avze ssh -- exclude = "*. iso" $directory $DESTDIR
  • Within this directory is a file called PSAuthor. h and its contents are quite intriguing.
  • As for the possible load imposition of per directory. htaccess files, the same directives can instead be put into the main httpd. conf file for the Directory/Virtual Host which ensures the rules are only loaded when the server starts, rather than when a directory is accessed.
  • This directory is an example of how GPO is using new technology and publishing trends in creating a first class, easy to navigate website.


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