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What is the meaning of disagreeable in Hindi?

Meaning of disagreeable in Hindi is : प्रतिकूल

Definition of word disagreeable

  • Not agreeable, conformable, or congruous; contrary; unsuitable. (adjective)

Examples of word disagreeable

  • "Let us hope we do not live to regret that decision," says General Jackson, responding to what he calls "disagreeable noises coming from Buenos Aires" as the 30th anniversary of the war approaches.
  • Similarly, if certain disagreeable behavior is “commonly found” on the Left, then it should be easy for you to pick fights with the Left when they actually exhibit the behavior.
  • The president said he would bring a new tone to Washington, who insisted that "we can disagree without being disagreeable," is now backing an appointee who has repeatedly failed to meet that standard.
  • North American lefties will rush to the defence of any artist or academic threatened with "censorship" by religious groups - well, Christians, anyway - but, save for a few honorable exceptions, they have been shamefully silent when speech they find remotely disagreeable is threatened.
  • “I should be sorry to utter a word disagreeable to your feelings.”
  • Though censured, the two Krishnas, however, spoke not a word disagreeable (to the dying hero).
  • But when we use the word disagreeable by itself, our meaning is understood to be, that in calling the thing disagreeable we have said the worst of it.
  • Una and Faith exchanged looks which said, "Now something disagreeable is coming."
  • The fear of being disagreeable is a great bugbear to a girl, as this artful young man well knew, and Rose fell into the trap at once, for Aunt Jane was far from being her model, though she could not help respecting her worth.
  • These houses are often good, but sometimes exceedingly disagreeable from the miscellaneous nature of the occupants.