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What is the meaning of disappointment in Hindi?

Meaning of disappointment in Hindi is : विफल करना

Definition of word disappointment

  • The emotion felt when a strongly held expectation is not met. (noun)
  • A circumstance in which a strongly held expectation is not met. (noun)

Examples of word disappointment

    • [Page 221] even with respect to the spiritual interests of beloved friends, where certainly acquiescence in disappointment is most difficult (perhaps in this world impossible) even in this case, there is great consolation in recollecting, that the Judge of all the earth will do right.
    • Another disappointment is the under-use of Michael Chiklis of “The Shield” and “Fantastic Four” fame.
    • DEAR COLD: In my mind, storming out when your girlfriend expresses her disappointment is an overreaction.
    • The fact that the NCAA defeat was such a disappointment is a product of the Lobos 'season.
    • But her disappointment is always transparent and Don sees it.


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