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What is the meaning of disaster in Hindi?

Meaning of disaster in Hindi is : सर्वनाश

Definition of word disaster

  • An unexpected natural or man-made catastrophe of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life or sometimes permanent change to the natural environment. (noun)
  • An unforeseen event causing great loss, upset or unpleasantness of whatever kind. (noun)

Examples of word disaster

    • The phrase "disaster of biblical proportions" is becoming as common in the media as "war-torn country".
    • To see vindication and victory in disaster is just not a wise course to follow.
    • In a single effort behind the camera Irwin Allen gave new meaning to the term disaster movie.
    • After the title disaster of Aspire to the Heavens, I was happy to agree.
    • “The word disaster is one I could have lived without, thank you very much.”


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