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What is the meaning of disastrous in Hindi?

Meaning of disastrous in Hindi is : विपद्युक्त

Definition of word disastrous

  • of the nature of a disaster; calamitous. (adjective)
  • foreboding disaster; ill-omened. (adjective)

Examples of word disastrous

  • While any outcome that puts Salmond and his chums into outright control of the parliament is deplored by many Scots, the word "disastrous" to describe Labour's performance is as unfair as it is inaccurate.
  • JAMIE MCINTYRE, CNN SENIOR PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In his first public comments since General Petraeus announced and President Bush approved the new Iraq plan, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said all the Joint Chefs and the U.S. central commander agree it's the best option to avoid what he called the disastrous consequences of an American failure in Iraq.
  • In what it described as a disastrous blow for the police investigation into the car bomb explosion at Cape Town's Waterfront development on New Year's day, the Sunday Independent newspaper reported that security cameras had once again failed to capture images of the perpetrators of the crime.
  • Convention said on Thursday in reaction to what it termed the disastrous black matric results.
  • Yusuf Natsheh, director of the Waqf administration, said the Waqf was not consulted about the plan to shut down the walkway, which he called a "disastrous" policy liable to touch off protests.


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