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What is the meaning of discernible in Hindi?

Meaning of discernible in Hindi is : समझने योग्य

Definition of word discernible

  • Possible to discern. (adjective)

Examples of word discernible

  • Now, whether P. Diddy, the choose-your-own-identity quality of Facebook, Dora the Explorer, or Burning Man will result in discernible political change or a broader, spiritual realignment remains to be seen.
  • If, however, a bundle of rays of light traverses a medium in which extremely fine dust is present, the ray of light will scatter to the sides and the path of the ray through the medium will be discernible from the side.
  • In the space of about half an hour, they landed at the point they expected to make, where they found a team waiting, with a lantern so ingeniously fixed in the wagon as to be discernible from the American side of the river only; this being the light by which the two boatmen had steered.
  • As we argue in this week's cover, the problem with populist rage — defined as the discernible public feeling that the few are unjustly profiting at the expense of the many — is that while it is cathartic, it can lead to bad decisions that may make the situation against which one is raging even worse.
  • "There's a little brook down there in spring," said she, pointing to a small, grass-grown water-course in the meadow, hardly discernible from the height, – "but there's no water in it now.


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