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What is the meaning of discomfort in Hindi?

Meaning of discomfort in Hindi is : विकलता

Definition of word discomfort

  • Mental or bodily distress. (noun)
  • Something that disturbs one’s comfort; an annoyance. (noun)
  • To cause annoyance or distress. (verb)

Examples of word discomfort

  • But as usual, our discomfort is a relative things – we could be in Buffalo!
  • Brendan Donnelly is day-to-day with what he described as discomfort in his left side.
  • But the discomfort is what keeps it rich and interesting.
  • Doubtless there's truth in that, but it seems more likely that the discomfort is occasioned by West's implication that sexuality is the very foundation of Christianity.
  • An outgrowth of this discomfort is that it has created many conservatives -- who want do such things as to restrict social funding to various early childhood policy programs -- and use the supposed narrowness of IQ differentials over time, (within the various out-groups measured), to bolster their argument.


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