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What is the meaning of disconcert in Hindi?

Meaning of disconcert in Hindi is : व्याकुल करना

Definition of word disconcert

  • To upset the composure of (verb)

Examples of word disconcert

  • Some of our findings will irk the deeply religious reader, while others will disconcert the deeply secular.
  • See Hot Air for more, including a link to the actual language and a reminder that the Democrats never had any intention of doing anything at all to disconcert trial lawyers.
  • My sounds seemed momentarily to disconcert the boar, and while he halted and shifted his weight with indecision, an apparition burst upon us.
  • A rock, turning under his foot on the edge of the precipice, did not disconcert him.
  • Its emotional depths may disconcert some of his huge fan base, but also give them unexpected pleasure.
  • And, besides, it's such good fun to see how one virtuous man can so disconcert you captains of industry and arbiters of destiny.
  • • Changes at News International, where James Murdoch, discombobulated perhaps by the phone-hacking revelations, devises new ways to disconcert his underlings.
  • How To Dress well hit the bulls-eye when he turned Ready For The World's "Love You Down" into an ethereal haze of mutant beats and chilling vocal samples that will make your cat stand up in disconcert.
  • It may disconcert the prevailing image of Jefferson the empiricist to observe that he also devoted his life to a religious project.