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What is the meaning of disconnected in Hindi?

Meaning of disconnected in Hindi is : असम्बद्धीकरण

Definition of word disconnected

  • Simple past tense and past participle of disconnect. (verb)
  • That is no longer connected. (adjective)
  • Feeling a lack of empathy or association with something. (adjective)
  • That can be partitioned into two nonempty subsets which are both open and closed. (adjective)

Examples of word disconnected

  • Sloane stared at the phone, the word disconnected shouting at him.
  • Being retired means that I can get kind of disconnected from the calendar.
  • The headline is totally disconnected from the content.
  • [Socrates] forces Gorgias to admit that such sophisticated language, disconnected from the roots of truth, in fact pursues some ulterior motives, that it invariably turns into an instrument of power, something it has been, by its very nature, right from the start. ....
  • The author expressly warns us against the wrong path up which we might be led by a Neoscholastic sacramental theology that is disconnected from the living form of the Liturgy.


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