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What is the meaning of disgust in Hindi?

Meaning of disgust in Hindi is : विरक्ति

Definition of word disgust

  • To cause an intense dislike for something. (verb)
  • An intense dislike or loathing someone feels for something bad or nasty. (noun)

Examples of word disgust

    • Sticking around for such conversations, when every part of you wants to walk away in disgust, is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of genuine peace work – and it deserves respect.
    • "I was surprised," said Stillman, who yelled in disgust from the penalty box.
    • We turned in disgust from the revolting scene, but were unable to leave the spot until the captain had satisfied a noisy group of his own people, who were demanding a supply of stores.
    • But more interesting than the disgust is the system of belief working behind it: the principles of physiognomy.
    • It's fairly obvious that Qiao hadn't been able to hide what he called his disgust with his government, and when his brother surfaced as a resurgent last week they added things together and ordered a wet affair, before Qiao could try defecting.


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