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What is the meaning of dishonesty in Hindi?

Meaning of dishonesty in Hindi is : बेईमानी

Definition of word dishonesty

  • The characteristic or condition of being dishonest. (noun)
  • An act which is fraudulent or otherwise dishonest. (noun)

Examples of word dishonesty

    • In addition to this complicity with fraud and wrong on the part of the public, there are many ways in which * dishonesty engenders*, almost necessitates * dishonesty*.
    • Maybe, his dishonesty is the reason for this, if he did not go writing articles all the time about how he may want to be the leader, people may feel what he says is more candid than it appears.
    • This dishonesty is the main reason it is not possible to have a serious, reasoned discussion on any topic that touches, even tangentially, on race.
    • That might have been my only edge, come to think of it - part of what you refer to as the dishonesty of fighters.
    • Doctor Jim could not tolerate what he called dishonesty, and from time to time they would have words and Frank would be gone for months.


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