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What is the meaning of dishonor in Hindi?

Meaning of dishonor in Hindi is : मुकर जाना

Definition of word dishonor

  • Alternative form of dishonour. (noun)
  • Alternative form of dishonour. (verb)

Examples of word dishonor

    • Then Al Trautwig, commentating on the Tour de France, said "The greatest dishonor is to literally have the maillot jaune ripped from your body, which is what happened to Michael Rasmussen yesterday."
    • "Never yet has the word dishonor been breathed with my name, but I should count myself faineant if I did not fight beside my comrades when chance has made it right and proper that I should do so."
    • Spurred on by the word dishonor, he had started instantly, without awaiting his leave of absence, risking his place and his future prospects; and, hurrying from steamships to railways, he had not stopped until he reached Paris.
    • Therefore, by definition, “dishonored memories” is a variable cost, as the idea of dishonor and memory would change according to the course of action.
    • His service to Congress is tainted by this revelation, and as such his dishonor should be absolute in the adminstration of punishment!


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