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What is the meaning of dishonorable in Hindi?

Meaning of dishonorable in Hindi is : लज्जाजनक

Definition of word dishonorable

  • Without honor, or causing dishonor (adjective)
  • Lacking respect or ethical principles (adjective)

Examples of word dishonorable

  • "Not quite yet, sir" -- Harry jumped before the door; "you give me the alternative of being what I call dishonorable or losing the woman I love!"
  • What makes that egregious and selfish act more serious than just disgustingly dishonorable is that those fake awards are used to justify and back up applications for employment or appointment, for winning political office, and even claims for veteran's benefits - including government medical treatment for post-traumatic stress syndrome.
  • She seems to think becoming vicious and dishonorable, is taking the heat .... when they are the tactics of someone who has nothing else in their personal arsenal.
  • An issue of this importance to the nation deserves full public hearings, full debate on the floor of the Senate, not an attachment that I described as dishonorable to Iraq war funding bill.
  • The union, which the law forbids, goes on without its sanction in dishonorable alliances.


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