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What is the meaning of disincentive in Hindi?

Meaning of disincentive in Hindi is : हतोत्साहित

Definition of word disincentive

  • That which discourages a particular behaviour; a deterrent. (noun)

Examples of word disincentive

  • - A disincentive is added to the acquiring of labor.
  • And it increases the duration of TAA cash payments to three years, from two, which means creating an even longer-term disincentive to get a new job.
  • Give the rich more money its called and incentive, give the poor more money and its called a disincentive.
  • The cell phone companies who control those networks have a built-in disincentive to allow that openness; they don’t want to end up squeezed the way ISPs are now, especially since they can’t assert local monopolies the way the land-line-phone and cable companies do now.
  • Another disincentive was the backlog in infrastructural ser - vice provision - the precondition for improved economic growth, elfare, and qualityof life, the report said.


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