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What is the meaning of disinclined in Hindi?

Meaning of disinclined in Hindi is : अप्रवृत

Definition of word disinclined

  • not inclined; having a disinclination; being unwilling (adjective)
  • Simple past tense and past participle of disincline. (verb)

Examples of word disinclined

    • Cornyn said he is "disinclined" to support any tax increases as part of a defict reduction package.
    • As for his own future, Mr. Cooper said he's received a number of calls urging him to challenge State Senator Carl Marcellino, but said he's "disinclined" toward such a run.
    • It became kind of disinclined to really make any sacrifices.
    • And a CIA analyst with direct knowledge of the case said that the returned scientist had become the centre of a propaganda war and that the agency was "disinclined" to remain silent while Tehran scored points against Washington.
    • Outgoing Council President Scott Peters said he doesn't think San Diego faces imminent bankruptcy, and is "disinclined" to support Aguirre's recommendation to hire the law firm.


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