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What is the meaning of dismal in Hindi?

Meaning of dismal in Hindi is : शोकमय

Definition of word dismal

  • Disappointingly inadequate. (adjective)
  • Gloomy and bleak. (adjective)
  • Depressing. (adjective)

Examples of word dismal

  • Isabelle leaned against the doorjamb, her expression dismal.
  • We covered my prediction for Saturday (Obama!) the governor's endorsement, the then-forthcoming KeyArena rally, and the state of the Republican Party in Washington (which I described as dismal).
  • Fleming, who was a member of the ANC's Pretoria Central branch, said he had left the ANC because of what he termed a dismal lack of democracy in party structures.
  • He studied what they call a dismal science, economics, at Yale.
  • ILOILO CITY, Philippines-Environmental groups lamented what they called the dismal end of the global summit on Copenhagen and issued a challenge to the ...


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