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What is the meaning of dismantle in Hindi?

Meaning of dismantle in Hindi is : सज्जा―रहित कर देना

Definition of word dismantle

  • To divest, strip of dress or covering (verb)
  • To remove fittings or furnishings from (verb)
  • To take apart; to disassemble; to take to pieces (verb)

Examples of word dismantle

  • Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin dismantle social safety nets for short term economic gains influenced Clinton
  • At his lunch with Reagan and Bush just after the speech, one American asked, “Did we hear that word dismantle right?”
  • Good Old "Ron Paul", has always campaigned that we should 'dismantle' our CIA.
  • So why are we suddenly hearing clamorous cries that we should, as the National Journal put it, "dismantle" this 40-year success story?
  • That structure, in which Mr. Burke will more directly oversee the broadcast and cable networks, would effectively " dismantle " Mr. Gaspin ' s existing job, some of those people said.


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