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What is the meaning of disorientation in Hindi?

Meaning of disorientation in Hindi is : स्थितिभ्रान्ति

Definition of word disorientation

  • the loss of one's sense of direction, or of one's position in relationship with the surroundings (noun)

Examples of word disorientation

  • The disorientation is palpable and the confusion is ubiquitous.
  • A narrative built of layers and layers of disorientation is not new for
  • And finally, I would suggest a certain amount of disorientation is bound to occur when the old frame of reference, within which the world conducted its affairs for nearly a half century, falls away, creating the need for nations to devise new ways to do business with one another.
  • This anticholinergic delirium is characterized by disorientation, clouding of consciousness, dilated pupils, dry skin, and a history of cyclic antidepressant drug ingestion.
  • Most addressed other topics, and the few studies that were relevant were small and involved short-term disorientation in adults.
  • (Soundbite of laughter) Mr. NAJA: It's a song of cultural confusion and disorientation, which is always great if you capture that.
  • It certainly produces that tremor-inducing effect of disorientation, which is possibly more attractive to many readers than the rampages of speculative science.
  • Pakistan's ambassador went further, telling diplomats he preferred the term "sexual disorientation."
  • It had fattened on the Cold War but was beginning to suffer from enemy deprivation syndrome - that is, the disorientation and queasy apprehension about future revenue one gets when one's enemy has irresponsibly dropped dead.