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What is the meaning of dispense in Hindi?

Meaning of dispense in Hindi is : हटाना

Definition of word dispense

  • To issue, distribute, or put out. (verb)
  • To supply or make up a medicine or prescription. (verb)
  • To eliminate or do without–used intransitively with with. (verb)
  • To give a dispensation to (someone) to do something against the law. (verb)
  • Cost, expenditure. (noun)
  • The act of dispensing, dispensation. (noun)

Examples of word dispense

  • Yet no consideration could dispense from the law of Constantine: the clergy, the senate, and the people, disapproved the conduct of
  • The model I had the most exposure to was the direct instruction model, or what I like to call the dispense method.
  • I was told that occasionally there is no medication to dispense, which is sometimes because of a lack of money but other times because there are just no drugs available in our remote area.
  • It is the way to 'dispense' with those who are not like us, those who we do not like and those who we have convinced ourselves are our enemy.
  • Interesting use of argument by authority to "dispense" with the serious question about the relationship between torture and conservatism.


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