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What is the meaning of displease in Hindi?

Meaning of displease in Hindi is : दिल बिगाड़ना

Definition of word displease

  • To make not pleased; to excite a feeling of disapprobation or dislike in; to be disagreeable to; to offend; to vex; -- often followed by with or at. It usually expresses less than to anger, vex, irritate, or provoke. (verb)
  • To fail to satisfy; to miss of. (verb)
  • To give displeasure or offense. (verb)

Examples of word displease

  • "Does the expression displease you, mademoiselle?" laughingly said the young man; "is it the word 'little,' or the word 'sister'?"
  • "Does the idea displease you?" he asked, in his turn grave.
  • I understand the press does not want to "displease" the White House because they will be denied access.
  • She will have to fire teachers, jettison principals, displease parents.
  • Still, the government in recent years has increasingly sought to influence the two companies and push them toward activities that displease many private investors.


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