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What is the meaning of displeasing in Hindi?

Meaning of displeasing in Hindi is : अरूचिकर

Definition of word displeasing

  • Unattractive, dislikable, objectionable. (adjective)
  • Present participle of displease. (verb)

Examples of word displeasing

    • The fact that you might find this aesthetically displeasing is no kind of evidence for the idea that markets actually are the magic solution you seek.
    • I would not like to be the man that spoke a word displeasing to ye with those eyes of yours.
    • When one of these has a little cunning, he passes his time in the utmost satisfaction to himself and his friends; for his position is never to report or speak a displeasing thing to his friend.
    • What deterred her was not so much the idea of displeasing her lover, who would have looked upon such a journey as bad form, as the vague fear of awakening the slumbering shadow.
    • For though one should speak ten thousand words well, if there happen to be one little word displeasing to you, because not sufficiently intelligible or accurate, you make no account of the many good words, but lay hold of the little word, and are very zealous in setting it up as something impious and guilty; in order that, when you are judged with the very same judgment by God, you may have a much heavier account to render for your great audacities, whether evil actions, or bad interpretations which you obtain by falsifying the truth.
    • Boyle is famous now not because she has an incredible singing voice - which, let's face it, she hasn't; she has a good singing voice and that rare but not unknown talent of possessing perfect pitch - but because she is aesthetically "displeasing" (she is over 25, doesn't appear to have great knowledge of personal grooming and looks much older than her real age - 47).
    • According to The tenants of Shinto, all White animals are sacred Kami spirits that you mess with at the peril of displeasing the Gods.
    • ARs aren't functionally better than other semi-autos, they are more expensive generally, aesthetically displeasing to some of us, and they're generally less well built and less accurate.