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What is the meaning of disquiet in Hindi?

Meaning of disquiet in Hindi is : व्याकुल होना

Definition of word disquiet

  • Want of quiet; want of tranquility in body or mind; uneasiness; restlessness; disturbance; anxiety. (noun)
  • Deprived of quiet; impatient; restless; uneasy. (adjective)
  • Make (someone) worried or anxious (verb)

Examples of word disquiet

  • She resumed, It hath reached me, O auspicious King, that when the jeweller quitted his wife, he repented having bespoken her thus and, returning to his shop, he sat there in disquiet sore and anxiety galore, between belief and unbelief.
  • Note, A great deal of disquiet is often given to the world by the restless ambition and implacable resentments of proud princes.
  • Another reason for the disquiet is the stature of the author, admits David Benjamin, a former legal advisor to the Israeli army.
  • Older residents recalled the disquiet in the city when the wall was first built.
  • And that brings me to another aspect of my disquiet which is that given these large charities are using similar advertising strategies to the RSPCA, and there is frequently a separate but similar Scottish version, are they also poaching funds that people in Scotland are assuming are going to help Scottish children?


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