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What is the meaning of disquieted in Hindi?

Meaning of disquieted in Hindi is : परेशान

Definition of word disquieted

  • Simple past tense and past participle of disquiet. (verb)

Examples of word disquieted

  • The Soul is not to be disquieted, that is sees it self encompassed with darkness, because that is an instrument of its greater felicity.
  • Mr. Kelly also was "disquieted" by the lack of disclosure about Repo 105 in Lehman's securities filings.
  • So I feel very disquieted by any suggestion that this is a memoir showing people how possible it is to make the most of a bad start, how to love parents who have behaved atrociously, how to somehow miraculously rise above trauma out of sheer good will.
  • Investors were already nervous about an expected "day of rage" by protesters in Saudi Arabia, disquieted by reports late Thursday of police gunfire in the country's oil-rich east.
  • THANKS, RON -- The Post editorial board writes again on the Brown allegations, lauding the U.S. attorney's office for having a look: It's a welcome move by U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen that hopefully presages a swift but thorough examination of charges that have disquieted the District. ...


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